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Assassin's Creed - od 12.11. na HBO-u

Priča o čovjeku koji se nađe u središtu drevne bitke između dvije moćne sekte. Samo ako iskoristi sjećanja svojih predaka koja su sadržana u njegovu DNK-u, moći će stati na kraj konfliktu i dobiti pravo na vlastito iskupljenje.

HBO Adria is seeking for Social Media Manager

Are you watching new Game of Thrones episodes at 3am just to avoid spoiler tweets ruining your fun? Does your ideal night in equals marathon of entire season of your favourite series? Are you famous for witty Facebook statuses which always provoke endless debates among your Facebook friends? Are you one of those who often reply to Facebook comments with GIFs (and somehow always seem to have the perfect one for each occasion), while your Instagram stories are popping up every few minutes? If your answer to most of these is yes, continue reading – we might have an ideal job for you!